Transitional Dining Room Escape Game

Transitional Dining Room Escape
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Aside from show-houses that only shows living-rooms or any recreational room, the villa here offers something different. For this show-house here shows dining rooms of different designs and any buyer who wishes to purchase a house there in the neighborhood, they have to pick one dining-room design which they prefer. It can either be one or two living-rooms of their choosing then the person in-charge there will take them to the house of their selected room. It's easier that way so that they won't have to go through every house in the neighborhood and waste time, but they can do that too if the client really wants to.

That day, Devon was in the show-house selecting her preferred dining-room design so they can proceed then to the actual house of her choosing. But instead of finishing into a good experience however, Devon got trapped in the show-house and because the broker who was assisting her was outside for she had to answer a call, she needs to solve this on her own and she thought to herself, how hard can it be? Escape players, come and join Devon here as she finds her way out of the show-house and carefully.

Transitional Dining Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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