Tranquil Village Escape

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Josh really underestimated the village he arrived into, for he thought there were really people there even though he was told there isn’t, when he arrive there he really got what he was asking for. The village is called the tranquil village for a very obvious reason, that’s because there seems to be nobody living in there and what’s in the place is just green and lush vegetation. As Josh enters, he saw all of that and he confirmed it, there is nothing interesting there and maybe he’ll just leave before it gets dark. Well that’s if he can though, for when he approached the gate where he went through, the thing was now locked and he can’t get out!

He knew it, there is indeed people here, one that might be cautious of him and potentially dangerous. Well Josh isn’t going to meddle with them anymore for he got the message, but first he needs to escape the place now for he fears what will happen to him if the sun finally sets. Escape players, come help Josh here escape the village and quickly too for there isn’t enough time until the place gets pitch black and scary.

Tranquil Village Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.