Tranquil Dragon Escape Game

Tranquil Dragon Escape

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The dragon who lives in the village protects the people who also lives in it, but lately though the people are becoming uneasy of it for they are blaming the dragon for some strange things that had been happening in the area. The dragon would never do anything that doesn't give wellness and safety to the villagers, but yet people are ignorant and some are naive, a perfect mix of disorder and injustice especially to the dragon. Erwin knows the truth though for he is the kind of person who thinks first and investigates the facts, something dark is coming from the forest nearby and that is where the strange occurrences originates. But that day though that's the least of his concerns, for right-now the people captured the dragon for well they have become restless!

Where were the joys from the days before that the people gives? Says Erwin to himself, if they are going to be like this then maybe it's right for them all to just perish in the clutches of the darkness that is coming. But Erwin refuses to give-up and he knows that the only thing that can keep those things away is the dragon, therefore he must rescue it. Escape players, the dragon needs help definitely so it can do its job, will you play as Erwin here and see if you can get the dragon out from whatever it is trapping it?

Tranquil Dragon Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.


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