Train Subway Fun Escape Game

Train Subway Fun Escape

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Thank you for trying-out the game here everyone, enjoy with us then! Train Subway Fun Escape is an exciting point and click underground escape game developed by Fun Escape Games for more dose of fun with us daily.

The subway station was a crowded one in the day but at night, it's like an abandoned place for nobody would take it anymore thanks to a few stories about something weird there when the sun goes down. But for Justine however, he decided to go to there for he had no choice, it's either walk far through bad neighborhood, or wait for almost an hour there until a train comes and face whatever is bothering that area. Well unfortunately though, what's bothering it was actually a real concern and now, Justine is in the heart of it.

At first as Justine waits for the train alone, there was some sort of dark aura and that made him very scared until, the problem made itself known. Justine got overwhelmed with fear and he just wants to leave the subway, but the darkness was all-over the place and that made him very lost along the underground tunnels! This is one concerning situation Justine got himself into now, but he has to rectify this by getting himself out before everything gets even more dangerous. Escape players, care to try this scary subway escape adventure with Justine and see if you can make it out safely? Good luck then everyone, enjoy with us daily.

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