Train Escape Game

Train Escape

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This train is being repaired and as one of the maintenance team there, Benjie was working hard so he can provide for his family, hard enough that he even takes lunch as quickly as he can so he can finish the work and on to the next one. That day, his co-workers went-out to lunch and now he is alone in there once again fixing some stuff in one of the train's wagons. There is a lot to repair in those series of rooms and because heavy machinery is not easy to work with, a lot of time must be allotted so it can be finished on schedule. But that day however, it's not his work he'll have to worry about though for when his co-workers left him, that's also the same time a problem occurred!

Benjie realized that he couldn't open the doors in the wagon where he was for it seems to be locked! It isn't suppose to be and that's why he thought then did his co-workers locked it on their way out? Why would they? This could be a strange happening here and now it had cost Benjie some trouble. Escape players, Benjie needs to go and have lunch too that's why he needs help in escaping here in this train wagon. Come and help him then by using all the items you can find to pry it open without damaging it.

Train Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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