Traditional Xmas House Escape Game

Traditional Xmas House Escape

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It's winter but still the visitors flock to the Christmas house which was a mansion that nobody really lives in. The caretakers have decided on this for they have seen the place grey and lonely all year round, it's just accumulating dust there and only a few visitors comes nowadays. So they converted it even just for the holiday into a huge Christmas village and it was very much working! Vincent heard about this and as a fan of the house, he decided to visit it as well and see what it has become.

Vincent saw that the house was now filled with Christmas decorations and was enchanting, it's warm inside too as the snow falls outside. The caretakers really knows what they are doing, for they did so without destroying the historical decors in the place, Vincent was just delighted. But sadly though as Vincent looks around the place, his delight was turned into something different and it wasn't good. Vincent got lost in the house and a bit trapped as well! He couldn't navigate much and his paths are now limited, for some of the doors would not open for they seem to be locked. Vincent is still cool, but he fears this problem could get worst if he doesn't solve it. Escape players, want to help Vincent here escape the house and keep calm as well? It's easy to do so now that he is surrounded by Christmas decorations.

Traditional Xmas House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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