Traditional Cottage Escape Game

Traditional Cottage Escape

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In the previous years, the committee of the forest park decided to turn a patch of land in the place into a visiting area for the people and they can even stay there. That was years ago and now the luxurious cottages that have been built there spaciously to prevent concentrated pollution in one area, is now very operational. A lot of people have already stayed there and they relayed no negative comments for the place was a patch of modernity in a very wild and serene land. That day, Aria scheduled herself to stay there for maybe 2 days to see what the place really was, booking was pretty easy and now she is staying in a place which she didn't know could actually exist.

The house was indeed standing on wild terrain, but inside it the house was just like in the city. Aria thought she is going to have a great time here and probably even bring her friends the next time she'll visit, but as nice her stay was, something still happened and that got Aria into a problem should could not really understand.

Escape players, come try this escape adventure here and figure-out what the problem is, see if your skills can solve it. Traditional Cottage Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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