Tradition Christmas Home Escape Game

Tradition Christmas Home Escape

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Lilian's grandparents are going-on a traveling thing and they decided that they'll live in their RV for the remainder of their lives and doing what they like best, be always on the go. So as a parting Christmas gift from them to Lilian, they decided to give her their old traditional house just to really seal the deal that they are serious. Well after a lot of trying to steer their decision back, she accepted for they are her grandparents and they are already grown enough for their decisions, besides if they ever want to come back, they're own doors are open. Lilian was very happy for she didn't have a permanent address and now she was given this, so she decorated the entire place with Christmas decor to make the house festive, but little did she know however that there was going to be a problem there while she does and because she is alone at the moment, she couldn't get any help!

Lilian discovered that the doors of the house are now locked and she thought maybe there is a trick to this or something, if that's the case then what else is there that she needs to do? For really she had tried everything. Escape players, care to join in this challenge and see if you can help Lilian with her problem in the house that one Christmas day.

Tradition Christmas Home Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Games 4 Escape.

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