Track Stolen Diamond Jewelry Game

Track Stolen Diamond Jewelry

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Being a policeman is really a huge thing. Everyone in this city puts their safety in your hands. Just like what they say, “great power comes with great responsibility.”  You have a big responsibility this city. You main purpose is to keep this city peaceful. Unfortunately, there are instances that peace is hard to achieve. There is a phone call a while ago about a stolen diamond jewelry. Your duty is to track the down that stone jewelry. The good news is, the thief dropped it inside the store. You just have to find that so you can get finger prints or other evidences that you need. Those could be a perfect lead to this case. As an investigator to this case, you have to look for clues that can help you to find the missing diamond.

Good thing that there are lots of hints in the room. There are also items in there that you can use to complete the puzzles. You just have to use your logic to find what you are looking for. Everyone is counting on you so you have to do great. Play this brand new room escape game by Big Escape Games and Track Stolen Diamond Jewelry. Good luck!

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