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Toy Fantasy

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You love your toys so much. In fact, you talk to them every now and then wishing that they talk back to you. Sometimes so you wish that you are a toy so you can be with them. But as they say, be careful what you wish for. One day you woke up that you are a toy. It is such a cool thing that your toys are now life size. This is your Toy Fantasy but you know that you shouldn't be here. Your toys know that too and they are willing to bring you back to the real world. You took care of your toys and they are here to bring back the favor. They gave you clues and hints that can help you to solve the puzzles in this place.

They also allow you to use every item that you can see in this place so you can escape from this Toy Fantasy. But even with the help of your toy friends, your logic is still the main key for you to get away from this land. Play this brand new point n' click outdoor escape game by WoW Escape and use your logic to escape from the Toy Fantasy. Good luck!

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