Toxic Forest Girl Escape

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The forest which was prohibited to go to is filled with toxic fumes and dangerous vapors, hence why it is prohibited to go in there. Still though what confuses some people is why there are even vegetation there despite the place being horribly toxic? It might be that the flora there had mutated to adjust to the environment. Even when the place is dangerous, Peter will still go there for there was a person in trouble in the place and that person needs to be saved!

Everyone is now hesitant if the person who is a girl is still even alive, but she and Peter shares some extreme survival skills and he knows that she is very capable in finding ways there to survive. Still she is going to need a rescue for it’s a mystery why she even entered there even though she knows how dangerous the place is. Maybe to test-out a new equipment? Well she would have told him that she is testing something out. Whatever the reason is, Peter is still going to go for he just can’t leave a friend there for dead. Escape players, of course Peter is going to need some help here for he will be risking his life as well. Will you be the help that he needs so that this will end with the two of them getting out of the forest alive and well?

Toxic Forest Girl Escape is a new wilderness rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Toxic Forest Girl Escape

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