Township Escape Game

Township Escape

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There is said to be some treasure being kept inside the small town which was kind of weird, but guess that's so because they are trying to protect something. For years, Frank wanted to get the trust of the people there so he can get township residence in the place and so he can then go with his sinister plan of stealing the place's hidden treasure! Still though, Frank have not been provided with such yet for the town's chief he thought was suspicious of him, well that chief has some sharp intuition, for he seems to be right. Frank had grown impatient though so he finally decided to do his plan now without that residence approval, but little did he know he will be experiencing a problem with that.

Frank entered the town early in the evening and tried to look for the treasure while being hidden in the darkness behind the houses, but he couldn't find it and he thought maybe he'll do this next time until he has a better plan and information there. For now, Frank needs to escape before he is found there and he will never be allowed access to the place anymore. Escape players, the town is encircled by a big fence and a gate, Frank went through that when it was open but now he'll go through it when it's locked. Will you help Frank here and see if you can escape the area without being seen?

Township Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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