Tower Castle Escape Game

Tower Castle Escape

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In the old town, there was this tower-like castle in the edge of it and the place had always been a curiosity. That's why Norman entered it to check it out. He managed to enter even though there had been a cordon encircling the place for there are no people guarding the area. At first Norman found normal things and old stuff, but then he somehow saw some things which he thought belonged to a person who knows magic or something! Okay, this might mot be a place for him here. Norman decided to just take what he can and then escape quickly for the energy the place is giving-off is a bit eerie. No wonder they cordoned the place.

Escape players, Norman has now a change of heart, for he doesn't want to get involved with the place anymore but before he gets himself out of there, he took some stuff just for souvenir. Join Norman here and navigate the castle as quickly as you can so you can escape soon. Try not to pry too much in the rooms there for you might awaken something and from then you might not be able to escape ever!

Tower Castle Escape is the newest point and click structure escape game created by 365 Escape.

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