Towel Girl Escape Game

Towel Girl Escape

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Join in the rescue here everyone in a place somehow covered with magic! Towel Girl Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Avm Games.

The village where Rio lives is a secret place and is of course away from any outsiders because it has a secret which is absolutely valuable to the people there. The place is being provided and protected by a strange magic and the people there are very contended with what it can give. But that said village is not exempted from any trouble though, for one of the provider villagers there just got in-trouble and it's the one that supplies towels to everybody in the place!

There was this girl who knows cloths as much as the next person and her specialty was making towels. Her produce is comfortable and just like the place's magical properties, one wipe can remove water from any surface 100%! It's unreal, but Rio have seen it work and it definitely does. But that day however, that said girl just got trapped in her home! Rio was there thankfully, but he doesn't know if he'll be able to rescue her for he doesn't really know the place? Escape players, he obviously needs help to rescue the girl, will your skills and logic be enough for this? Come and join the rescue then and see if you can save the towel girl safely.

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