Tourist Guide Escape

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Manuel’s boss who was also a tour guide is going for another day at work and he is coming with, well he is the photographer for the tour and it’s a first that he will be coming with the chief tour guide for this one. He needs to do his job well here then, for the boss will definitely rate him. Manuel has a first task before that though, and that is to pick-up his boss from his house for his car was currently unavailable and there is no other option now, he needs Manuel’s help which of course he will answer.

Manuel arrives at his boss’ house and everything was fine there really, well except the car, but Manuel didn’t know however that he is going to answer to more trouble there, for his boss was now trapped! Manuel is now seeing that his boss is experiencing a bad day, well what can he do but to just help him. Escape players, Manuel who was the photographer and his boss the tour guide is in trouble here and is risking getting late before the tourists arrive, will you help them out so they can be on their way quickly?

Tourist Guide Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Tourist Guide Escape

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