Tourist Cottage Forest Escape

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From time to time, Maverick would like to get away from too much modernity in the city, that’s why even though the travel to this area in the forest where a community is was not easy to get to, he still goes for he knows when he gets there he will relax with his mates and just enjoy nature. Maverick spent the entire week there and it was a lot of fun as usual, hunting, rowing, hiking, fishing, it never gets old, but his stay there won’t be complete without a little problem though, and for him that’s somehow pretty weird.

There was a new area in the community here and before Maverick leaves the place, he would like to check it just to see how it is there. At first it was good and there seems to be low in inhabitants there, Maverick pushed further until, he got lost! He had no idea where he passed and even though he tried to return to familiar grounds, he just couldn’t and he keeps getting lost! Maverick doesn’t want to cause more problems to himself there now, he needs to sit and think so he’ll have the insight again in where he should pass. Escape players, want to help Maverick here in navigating the place so he can then begin his journey home?

Tourist Cottage Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Tourist Cottage Forest Escape

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