Tortoise Escape (8b Games) Game

Tortoise Escape (8b Games)

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Tortoise Escape is a new point and click escape game released by 8b Games! So enjoy with the escape adventures here with us daily.

In the foot of the lush mountains, there is a place which the visiting people thinks as weird and it's a green and diverse forest. The adventurous only goes there and because it is treacherous, only a few even continues to the dangerous part and one of those daredevils is Kevin. The day was decent as Kevin is on the trail to reach the place, he plans to see what the wilderness can really offer and if it'll meet the better of his judgement. And so, he is off to the potentially dangerous adventure of his life.

Kevin went through hardship in the trail and after a few hours, he finally arrived in his destination for things are now starting to get weird. There were different animals and it was kind of normal except the fact that the forest can create illusions at intervals and in specific areas. Kevin finds different stuff there, but as he pushes further into the forest he found something which he did not ever expect. There was this huge tortoise and Kevin would not believe where it is at that moment, it's trapped inside a man-made cage and what? There's actually people here? After Kevin found something like this along the way, he thought of running-away first for he got startled, but he decided to finally rescue the animal though and the question then after, will he be able to quickly without confrontation? Escape players, Kevin should have minded his business here, but the animal is trapped and is in-need of rescue there. Place yourself on the situation and good luck everyone, have fun!


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