Top Floor Escape Game

Top Floor Escape

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For some reason, you helped many people out of the building. But in exchange, you got yourself trapped inside. The building had some fire going on on some floors. You reached the top floor already. But this still proved to be a challenge. No one was around to help you. And you didn't know much about the building as well. You had no idea where to go in case of situations like this. Yet you knew panicking wouldn't help. So you stopped pacing for a couple of minutes to gather your thoughts. You needed a solid plan to get out of this building, hopefully unharmed. Then in the silence of your thoughts, you heard something exploding on the floors below. You knew you shouldn't stay here for too long. Although thinking helped, action still be prioritized. You started looking around for something that could catch the attention of the people.

What you found instead were objects. Surprisingly, your mind was racing that you were able to piece things together to be more useful. But some items were somewhere else. So you looked through every space you could until the items appeared. You only had a few minutes to complete this mission for your survival. Play Top Floor Escape outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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