To Help The Farmer Game

To Help The Farmer

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The farm is where the farmers' harvest all the things that we see in our kitchen. But do we know the story of every vegetable, and every fruit before we even get to buy it in a supermarket? Maybe we do not. So you have been giving a task to help the farmer to perform their everyday job. It feels good helping someone that you know is doing the same thing to other people by delivering their best product of foods in every house. But let me remind you that it is not going to be easy because farmer's jobs are not the easiest, so you have to be patient in every stage and do your own part to help the farmer. You have to find bags of seeds around the place and give it to the farmer. You can use these seeds to solve some interesting puzzles. There are challenges that you need to use your logical thinking.

Collect objects scattered everywhere on the farm by tapping the screen. You will get some clues during the game, and these will help you reach the final stage. To Help The Farmer is the newest escape game from Mirchigames. Good luck!

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