Tiny House Fun Escape Game

Tiny House Fun Escape

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The houses in the exclusive villa are small, but it makes up for being luxurious and modern though. Lee is currently picking an already made house there searching for the perfect one and on the first on his criteria, he must take a look at the places through their exterior, and if it passes to him then he'll take a look at inside and see if it'll fit him. And so Lee is on the move, but little did he know that the villa is actually pretty wide and as a result, he got lost in there!

Lee let go a sigh for he told himself then that he shouldn't have turned away that broker, but it's too late now and because he is alone, he must solve this himself with whatever he can do and remember. Escape players, play as Lee here and see if you can navigate back out of the place, he have already picked a house but first he needs to get out of there for that's a concern at the moment. Scan through the houses then and see if you can get help from the residents there as well.

Tiny House Fun Escape is another new point and click area escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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