Tiny Blue Bird Escape

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The land where this village is standing is all wilderness, that’s why animals from the area always enters this settlement and it’s the job of the men of the place to scare them away if they are dangerous. As one of the men there, David is going to help an animal that day in getting back to where it belongs to, but the animal isn’t dangerous though so he’ll do this himself.

The animal that David is going to free was a blue bird and it is stuck in his cage! David is not really planning to catch anything there for his cage is just hanging on that tree doing nothing but swaying in the wind. It could be that the blue bird swooped directly to it and when it did the lock might have engaged in the process. Okay whatever happened to it though David is still going to free it. Escape players, imagine you are playing as David here, will you be able to free this bird so it can return to the forest? Slowly then so it won’t get hurt in your attempt.

Tiny Blue Bird Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Tiny Blue Bird Escape

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