Tiny Bird Rescue 2

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In the previous game, we joined Nick who was a forest ranger and he was trying to rescue a rare bird which was being held in a newly discovered poacher’s camp. Thanks to you escape players, the rescue was made possible and Nick was able to escape unscathed as well. This time however, we will join just a normal person who was just hiking in the forest which he usually does for leisure and fun. That guy is Mario and as he came to this abandoned settlement though which he also looked around to fulfill his curiosity, he seems to have found a trapped bird and it’s struggling to escape from the house which it entered.

The bird is being kept in by something and by the looks of it, this seems to be more of a deliberate thing than an accident. Either way that it is, Mario will still get the bird out for he observed it a few minutes and really it wasn’t able to escape from the place as it tried hard. Okay now, Mario is going to get that creature out so he can also be on his way then. Escape players, want to help Mario here as he frees that trapped bird?

Tiny Bird Rescue 2 is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.