Timid Santra Escape

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Erwin was in a room in his house just relaxing for he had a tough day when he heard a call for help, he stopped then and tried to listen, it was coming from the garden and it was actually his wife Santra that’s calling! Erwin then checked on her for she sounded a bit hysterical already. Erwin tried to open the door leading to the garden where she was and he thought then that’s strange, for he can’t open it on his side as well!

Erwin tried to open it with his bare hands for a few minutes and just tinkering with it, but unfortunately he just couldn’t budge it from the frame. Something weird is happening with his door here and he fears it might be jammed. Okay then, he might need to use some tools here just to open this thing, and so that his wife can finally get inside. Escape players, care to help Erwin here with his door so that this problem will finally be fixed? Find items around the house then which can clearly be used for this issue.

Timid Santra Escape is the newest point and click escape game created by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Timid Santra Escape

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