Timber House Escape Game

Timber House Escape

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This timber house looked like one of the houses you clicked  a heart for in social media. You use your account mostly to look for inspiration from the different interior designs you could find. However, you couldn't really have those designs in your house yet. You were still building up your budget and it didn't even reach the minimum you assigned yourself. So your next option was to look for similar houses where you could experience it. This would give you an authentic feel of the place to help you design your own space. You were friends with most of the owners. And it also followed that prices were lowered a bit. They seemed to be happy to have you around as well. The timber house was hard to find. Not many people wanted to use a lot of wood for houses anymore.

But you were lucky enough to still find one. This was built before the regulation of cutting of trees. It looked and felt like you imagined. You had a great stay there. Yet when the time to leave came, that was only when you noticed its unique features which affected your exit. Play Timber House Escape room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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