Tiled Roof House Gold Treasure

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There is a small lone house in the island there and Dan who passes-by it occasionally on his sailboat sees it all the time. He leaves it alone though, until today however for he got information that this house is actually keeping a chest full of gold!

At first Dan is having doubts in checking this house out, for it had been standing there for a long time with no residents to be seen and if there is really gold in there, then it won’t go unprotected. Escape players, Dan is still going to go though for he was curious. Will you join him on this side-quest then and if you ever find gold, will you have the guts to take it?

Tiled Roof House Gold Treasure is a new point-and-click treasure hunt house escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Tiled Roof House Gold Treasure

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