Tile Rooms Escape Game

Tile Rooms Escape

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The house in the edge of the street is a place Lilian will buy, but before she does that she needs to check the place first for she won't blindly destroy anything in her path, she needs to check everything and then reconsider than. Lilian enters the house and it was a decent place, a bit old but the rooms are still good to live in. There was nothing much inside the house, no owners have come forward and visit the place for she had already bought the land where it stands and guess the ending is she'll have to put the house down. Guess the house heard that though, for when she was about to leave the house and maybe take a look around outside, she realized she couldn't get out for the doors are now locked!

Maybe this is a sign or something? Maybe the house is haunted? Lilian absolutely believes in that for she had prior experiences in different places and in front of her some were even preposterous! But she witnessed it and she has no explanation for such. Lilian still has some rationality though, for these doors could just be jammed for they are old. Escape players, want to help Lilian escape though before things gets worst in there if ever?

Tile Rooms Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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