Tiki Cave Escape

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The village just beyond the valley is one sturdy place, well structurally for their foundations are built from an ancient site which was filled with tiki masks and statues. That day even, Robert is in there to discover the place and its history, it wasn’t easy getting there but as a researcher and explorer, he did whatever he can just to get to the place despite the difficulty. The culture of the village is very rich, but he’ll come to study that next for first he’ll see what he can find in the ancient rooms of the structures there.

Robert did not expect that the temple will be deeper than he had expected, it goes underground and for the villagers, they forbid themselves to go down there. If Robert will take that risk then the people will allow him to enter, but he doesn’t know what he just got himself into the moment he didn’t heed the warnings and still proceeded. Escape players, Robert is clearly going to get trapped down there and you can see it now. Join this adventure here then for if Robert gets trapped, you will be able to help him escape and of course safely.

Tiki Cave Escape is a brand new point and click ancient place escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.