Tied School Girl Escape

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The principal had warned everyone not to go in the old building for the supports there are now way behind modern standards and is not safe. They even put cordons and blockades so that no student would enter there, but still there was one and she definitely got in trouble! Well one in a way which was kind of alarming however. As a person who was called for this rescue to get that girl who was now in the building for she seems to be experiencing a problem, Trevor went into the place for he knows his way around there. But as he got to this one room though, he finally found-out why the girl could not get to them, for she is actually tied together!

The girl was tied-down with some rope and at that moment Trevor became alert, for he sees now that there is something more here than he thinks. He now needs to rescue this student while being quiet for there could be somebody else here which means them harm, well for surely this girl here did not tie herself tightly together. Escape players, Trevor now needs a hand which he cannot get from anyone else for he went in alone. Now you are in Trevor’s shoes and the rescue is yours to accomplish. Will you be able to find something which can release the girl from her binds so you can then both get out of there quietly and safely?

Tied School Girl Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Tied School Girl Escape

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