Tied Santa Girl Escape Game

Tied Santa Girl Escape

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So Krampus is on the stroll tonight. Santa is very busy with preparing the gifts, the reindeer and the sleigh. He focuses on all of these so he can have a peaceful trip later. However, because he is so busy, he didn't notice Krampus. If Santa really loves Christmas and good kids, Krampus is just the opposite. He haven't come out in a while. And this makes him unpredictable. Just when the elves are relaxed with their security, he appears. He makes sure not to make his presence known to the public. He may still be regaining his strength. So he chooses to call the attention of Santa and the elves by tying one of the helpers of Santa. She's a quiet maiden who takes care of one of the houses. She stands somewhere in the house and seems to froze with shock or fear.

Santa immediately puts everyone into action. Krampus is not a pleasing creature to meet. And to have the maiden undergo all the stresses is just not right. You can't stand still as well. So you offer to help them find a way to free the girl from the evil grasps. Play Tied Santa Girl Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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  1. Date: June 14, 2018
    Author: Arinka
    Color stripes and stars in the bathroom do not give anything :-(

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