Throne Door Escape Game

Throne Door Escape

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The throne room of the palace is one of the most prohibited place to enter, but experts are clear to the area though as long as they get a yes from the department who takes-care of the old structure. That day, Mack got a yes for as a historian, he wanted to confirm the data he has to the actual place which was once used by many ancient kings. Mack placed a check on his list on everything he can find there but at some point he realized something, he couldn't open the door of the throne room for it seems to be locked now! Did he not notice it closing?

Mack remembered that it was open earlier, but now it is closed and maybe he thought somebody did close it without getting notice, also accidentally locking it in the process. Mack knows he is in a huge place and screaming for help will not work, he needs to get out from there on his own but because there are only a few things he can use there for the rest is prohibited to even hold, the room is as good as empty. Escape players, come and check-out this escape adventure here with Mack, do your best and do not destroy anything ancient in the room as you find your way out.

Throne Door Escape is brand new point and click room escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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