Thriller Game


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You can join in the daring escape adventure here in a scary building. Thriller is a brand new point and click scary place escape game released by First Escape Games. Have Fun everyone!

The building is quite mysterious but even then people still go inside it to uncover its mysteries and who knows what else, maybe to steal what remains there for the place had already been abandoned for years and nobody exactly knows why it got so, but one day Sasha decided to uncover why. It's not really scary there for people have been coming in and out from it, but she does know that there are times the place is completely devoid of people and that's the time she'll get in it.

Sasha never really though that her analysis would betray her, for the building was actually dark, creepy, musky, and scary! It's all negativity in there but why would anyone still get inside it? When she realized that though she decided she'll just cut her adventure short now for she can't stand the things bombarding her senses, maybe some other time especially when the sun is up. The question now though will she be able to get herself out? Escape players, the building has many floors and it's dark in there, which means it's going to be hard to escape from it, but will your skills and logic cover that no sweat? Join Sasha here who is trapped then and good luck!

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