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Thriller 02

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Thriller 02 is a brand new point and click spooky place escape game from First Escape Games for more fun and adventures with us everyday. This game is a continuation of the first game as a starting-point of the series. Enjoy!

Sasha was trying really hard to escape from her own problem inside the creepy building and at the same time in a different location far away from hers, there is a graveyard which had a creepy house in the middle of it and they all thought it was abandoned. Well actually there is something living in there and Jody who was an adventurer and a daredevil decided to check the place out.

The entire place was absolutely scary all around it, but Jody still pushed further for she knows she'll discover more things in there than what she expects. Escape players, Jody here is throwing herself into the fire, for stories about the graveyard and that house in the middle speaks about its history and it ain't pretty. Would you still join Jody here as she goes on an adventure through a scary place for a new discovery of the paranormal? Good luck then, use your skills, logic and stay alert too, for you don't know what's hiding behind the corners.

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