The Wooden Barn Escape Game

The Wooden Barn Escape

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The investigation was so close to its end but your hasty temper ruined it all. Becoming a prosecutor at a very young age and this behaviour is partially a consequence of lack of experience. On the other hand, it is a fact that you are always ready to run into the battlefield without any hesitation or backup. Just like today. Since sleauthing also comes second nature to you, you took it upon yourself to investigate on your own.

You do not believe in paralegals so you alone made the research, and even your own stake out. You believe in doing everything on your own which is not always fruitful. Finding out who the criminal is, you took your coat, carefully making your way into his home. However, it didn't take long before his bodyguards found you and threw you into this barn. Get out quickly before they get away. Good luck!

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