The White Room

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Stanley is now in the white room, finally he reached the place he wanted to reach, now he is going to escape from there and quickly for the rumors about this place being an entire escape house could be true, and if so then he has a lot on his plate there.

Escape players, the white room is giving that vibe of escape or not at all, who knows what may happen to people if they are not able to escape from there, but Stanley is not going to stay there and find-out. Will you help Stanley escape there before things turns for the worst for in the room?

The White Room is a point-and-click room escape game developed by Isotronic. You are trapped in the room now and you must use your logic and various objects to escape.

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Walkthrough video for The White Room

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5 months ago

Here is another illustration that the foundation is the most important thing. If you don’t learn the engine thoroughly, you can’t even think about writing programs on it. Otherwise you’ll get… well… what you get.
Isotronic has studied the engine perfectly – everything works fine even when transferring from site to site.

5 months ago
Reply to  b1650424

Apparently, this Isotronic game is from an earlier era, too. I can’t praise the morse code in any way. For some reason, the game designers believe that adding specific elements to the game will make it more interesting and complex. No, just more boring. Good thing most programmers barely know arithmetic. Otherwise we would be faced with puzzles where you have to solve a second-order differential equation with separating variables.