The Weasel Escape Game

The Weasel Escape

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The messenger weasel is the only creature that can send the message of the town to another town across vast forest lands inhabited by native savages. At first sight of an outsider, they immediately chase them down and out of their territory. That's why the people relies heavily on June's weasels for the messages, there is another way though but it will take weeks to reach its destination unlike to weasels which will only take days. One day however, one weasel did not make it back and they all expected it to return on a specific day, but it didn't so that's why June decided to take the risk and find that weasel.

June was stopped many times by the people in going, but he thought that those messages are important and of course, his weasel as well. And so off June travels for days until he reached a small hut and he was really mystified why there weren't any attackers throughout the journey, but then his concentration was swayed from that when he saw that there was a cage near that hut and inside it was his missing weasel! June of course will rescue it but it's a risk though and it could mean his life. Escape players, will you be able to help June here open the doors of the cage slowly and rescue his weasel as quietly as possible? Carefully now for even though there seems to be nobody in the hut, it doesn't there's nobody watching.

The Weasel Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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