The Wand Power Game

The Wand Power

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Your head was filled with fantasy upon stepping out of the theme park. There was so much going on that you somehow found it hard to distinguish reality from fantasy. The theme park's features were something you'd never dream of. You didn't even want to leave. So you booked a room in the hotel nearby to explore the rest of the park. It was very wide. And you felt like you had been to most parts of the world. You could hear people speak in various languages and they all looked so different. You wanted to see how wide the place was. So you walked and walked until you reached a place that looked like a forest. You knew very well that a real forest couldn't really exist here since this place was in the middle of a city.  However, the more you went deeper, the more real it became.

After a few more steps, you couldn't heard the music from the theme park anymore. Instead, what you heard was a soft sob from someone. You called out to whoever was crying but it wasn't replying. So you tried your hardest to follow the sound and saw a girl holding a powerless wand. Play The Wand Power outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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