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The Unsolvable 02

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In the previous adventure, Darwin is stuck in the duke's castle after he entered the place to find-out what is up with the mysteries of the old structure, see if he was able to escape by trying the first game from this series. This time however, we will join another person who went on an adventure through the forest but found himself in a mysterious place instead of throwing himself directly to that direction.

Jeremy was just traveling the soil path in the forest for a little fun and adventure as he treks through the wilderness, but it then turned into something else when he noticed that the soil path became stone and there were even stairs now which looks ancient! Jeremy didn't want to proceed at first for he is getting intimidated and being alone makes it worst, but he still pushed further and that's a bad decision for he should have just turn around and left. Jeremy pushed further and further until he is seeing stone structures now which looks very weird! Soon he got lost for the stone paths just twists and turns sharply as well as it splits to every direction. He eventually got lost and now this situation will be on you escape players! How will you do if you are faced with the same situation as Jeremy's here?

The Unsolvable 02 is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by First Escape Games.

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