The Task 01 Game

The Task 01

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The Task 01 is a brand new point and click palace escape game from 5n Games for another dose of fun escapes here everyday. Enjoy!

The kingdom had just been attacked and it's just in-time that the royal family have been forced evacuated including the women and children living under its rule. For now, the enemy had backed a bit but they sure know they'll be going-in again full force and it's going to be much powerful. On the first of the enemy's assault, things have been unfortunate and brutal, for it actually killed the king and there is no time to decide now who must rule for his children which where the heirs are still very young. That's why the general which was the king's brother must take immediate action to save the people and for his decision, they need to leave now because the enemy is attacking with all of its got, and their army is not very small. The people's safety is the number one concern and the general will hold them off as long as he can.

The general tasked a few men including himself to find more people that are either hurt or startled and bring them back to the assembly. The general will be scanning the entire now abandoned palace and after that he'll leave to hold the enemy off. Escape players, want to join the task of the general here as he scans for anyone in the palace and escape from there quickly? Go ahead on this mission then and make haste for the enemy won't wait for you. Good luck!

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