The Survivor 2 Game

The Survivor 2

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The Survivor 2 is a brand new point and click beautiful wilderness escape game from First Escape Games. This game is a part of the first game of this series. Enjoy!

As Adam was looking for all of his stuff that got blown in all directions from his camp, another storm suddenly raged and he was definitely caught off-guard! He could not proceed further in getting to the safety of his home and he just hid in some crevice in a tree. After a few minutes of the storm lashing the forest, it suddenly went silent. Adam opened his eyes and he saw that this weird occurrence isn't over yet, for now he is in a mysterious forest which looked a lot different from his own!

Adam quickly scanned the area for anyone around, that's because he can see a house and other things in the place, maybe there's someone here that can help him especially in getting back to his forest house. Escape players, Adam here is thinking that there might be something extra weird in this situation, for he never really went too far from where he was living and now he is in a totally unfamiliar part of this place, that's if he is still in the same forest. Want to join Adam here and see what you can do about this? Good luck on this adventure then, stay alert.

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