The Survivor 2 - 1 Game

The Survivor 2 - 1

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The Survivor 2 - 1 is the newest point and click ancient place escape game from First Escape Games for another dose of fun here with us everyday. Have fun!

Ramon entered the area of the ancient castle for a discovery of what kinds of mysteries are hidden in that place, it was once abandoned and now people are starting to proceed in the area trying to unlock the place for the entire bastion is still closed-shut to the public, there is probably something valuable in there. Ramon however didn't come unarmed, for he finally has knowledge on how to potentially get inside the castle and upon using that method, he got in! That's the first person to enter the place in centuries, but as he set-foot inside, the door behind him slammed-shut and was locked once again!

What is this? Ramon pondered, maybe the castle is actually collecting people who are talented enough to get inside and never setting them free! Well that's preposterous, but he is trapped in the place though and that is real, he is also seriously deciding whether to push further into the ancient place or just decide to forcefully open the door. There is no way Ramon can open the door with what he has now, that means he has to continue on the halls of the castle and find another way out of there. Escape players, Ramon is very cautious for there might be hidden traps and those can potentially end him. Care to join with Ramon and see if you can escape the castle safely? Good luck!

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