The Submarine Mystery

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This is not the yellow submarine but it sure is mysterious. This sunken submarine made up too many speculations. Fishermen say that they saw a ghost in the submarine and they believe that it is the captain. But as a marine biologist, it’s not your job to investigate about those ghosts. Your job is to investigate everything about the marine science. Your goal is to save the coral reefs that the submarine has affected. But looks like the fishermen’s testimony is true. Because while you were swimming through the submarine, you saw the ghost captain and he locked the doors. You can’t do your job properly with the ghosts hanging around. The Submarine Mystery was solved but you can’t say it to anybody because you were trapped. Your oxygen tank is running low so you have to find a way to escape as soon as possible.

There are items inside the submarine that can be useful for your escape. However, the ghost hid them so you have to find those items. There are also clues that can help you to solve this puzzle and escape from the submarine. Play The Submarine Mystery room escape game from Free Room Escape and use your logic to escape. Best of luck!

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