The Secret Beneath, Episode 1

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Mitch is slowly getting to this thing he kept trying to get to for years! And that is this secret base beneath the wilderness nearby and he really is insisting that the place existed and is hiding something important. Well he seems to be right for now that day, he found a secret passage! Finally, Mitch can prove to the people who didn’t believe him that there is something really there that they cannot see because it’s beneath their feet. Well the sweetest of it all is that he’ll discover what this place here is hiding firsthand.

Escape players, Mitch is going to go down there in its dark and eerie depths in the name of discovery, will you help him get through this then so he can get some help if something happens down there? Well something will and not even you escape players can solve that quick enough. Will you still accompany Mitch here just to see whatever this place is really hiding? If so then go ahead, stay alert as you all traverse the place for Mitch can smell it, something sentient is also living down there, he just doesn’t know what and it could be human or something else.

The Secret Beneath, Episode 1 is the newest point and click dark underground escape game created by Incriscript.