The Ruins Game

The Ruins

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Welcome, Agent! Today's location is an abandoned Soviet computer base. It will require extra caution and equipment because of the radiation in the area. You will wear a special suit and carry special equipment. When the air supply drops below 25 on your screen, you need to refill it in the same way you did during training. The deeper you go, the higher it will rise. Don't forget to check the radiation level frequently and always maintain composure.

While out on the field, always be alert. However, if you see or feel any threat to your safety, abandon your mission. You have to go outside to decrease the level and refill the air supplies. Your primary objective is to find data and everything that could hold data. It is imperative that you specifically find the microchip. Once your mission is complete, return to the HQ and give your report on the mission. Good luck!

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