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The Puppet

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Kyle and his brother went to the house of the famous puppeteer for they are both great enthusiasts of ventriloquism and what excitement it brought to them to be invited! Kyle got the address, the location of the house correctly, and now they are inside the house waiting. Just when Kyle thought everything was correct though, he did not realize that the invitation was given to them was actually legit! And now when they realized that the house was empty after a while and they tried to leave, they could not for the doors are now locked!

Kyle just thought that this must be a show for the both of them, but as time passes he is seeing that this might be serious and what a real problem they are into here if so. As Kyle was trying to find another way out of there, he went into a room, just when the two are separated in both rooms for just a moment, the door suddenly shut! Now Kyle's brother is trapped in another room and for him that's definitely it, show or not he must get his brother and escape from there quickly! This had gone too far now and whatever this is, it definitely can't be good. Escape players, play as Kyle here now and you need to do a rescue as well as an escape. Will you be able to and quickly? Expect a tough challenge here for there are hints that the one who is doing this to them also has experience in ventriloquism, that he or she can use for his or her advantage and unfortunately, for your disadvantage!

The Puppet is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from Foxzoid.

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