The Powerful Wings - The Snow Globe House Game

The Powerful Wings - The Snow Globe House

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When you were a little kid, your grandpa gave you this little snow globe. This thing really made you happy. In fact, you wish that you can live inside the snow globe house. But as they say, be careful what you wish for. Last night, you decided to rub the snow globe. You thought that the wish thing just works for the magic lamp but it also worked for the snow globe. You felt like you shrunk and moments later, you found yourself inside the globe. This is the coolest thing ever and also the coldest. You love to be inside the snow globe but you can already hear that your mom is looking for you. The dinner is set and you have to escape from the snow globe house as soon as possible.

No one can find in you in here so you have to look for you own way to escape. The thing is, you have to solve all the puzzles inside the snow globe house before you can go back to the real world. Play The Powerful Wings - The Snow Globe House, room escape game from Enagames and gather clues that can help you to solve this one quickly. Good luck!

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