The Powerful Wings - The Loki Game

The Powerful Wings - The Loki

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"Keep it low key like Thor." This is the advice that their dad gives to Loki. His dad just wants him to be good. But instead of taking it positively, Loki took it negatively. He felt that his dad favors Thor. He used his powerful wings to get away from his home. However, the result of his action didn't turn out well. He thought that it's okay to be alone but it's not. Now that he realized that he needs his family, he decided to go back home. However, there is a problem that he has to solve before he can do that. There are so many puzzles around that he has to solve before he can get away from this place.

The good news is, there are clues that can help him out. There are also items that he can pick up along the way. Those items can be very useful for his escape plan. You can help him to collect those items by point and click. Logic is very important for him to escape. But the question is, can Loki make it? The Powerful Wings - The Loki is a brand new room escape game from Enagames. Have fun!

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