The Portal Escape Game

The Portal Escape

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A war fort, now in ruins, is the topic of the town committee's meeting. About half of the town is debating whether the fort should be demolished or should it stay as it is. This is because the committee was approached by a wealthy land developer who proposed a shopping center and condominium units in place of the barren land where the fort stood. While half of the townspeople agrees to the idea of tearing it down, there are those who oppose it because of its history. The fort is well-known because it is serving as the town's historical landmark. Nobody knew that it's also serving as portal to another world where the town's children escape to.

The Portal Escape is point and click escape game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Investigate the old fort. Unlock doors to advance in the game. Activate the forgotten ancient portal and teleport in to another location. Good Luck!

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