The Peaceful Garden House Game

The Peaceful Garden House

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You thought you saw something running around your house. However, you made sure that no pest could enter your home. You never liked the idea of having pests around and living in one would be such a nightmare. So having no unwanted creatures in your home gave you peace. Yet you may had to check again. There was a time when you first moved in that your house was infested. You had no idea at first but starting from the first night, you already wanted to leave. Fortunately, your friend owned a pest control company. So you called him up to take control of the situation. You were very close back then. But a misunderstanding came up, and you broke connections. You forgot you would be needing him again when the unwanted creatures come back. But you didn't worry about it until today.

You didn't want to lower your pride and ask for his help once more. But after a few days of seeing that running creature, you began to smell something stinky. You thought you could just live with it. However, it became unbearable that you decided it was time to bring your friend back. But as you tried to open the door, it wouldn't. Will you still be conscious until you find a way out? Play The Peaceful Garden House room escape game by Avm Games.

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