The Mystery Unlock Specialist 01 Game

The Mystery Unlock Specialist 01

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The abandoned house in the edge of the town looks like it was absolutely luxurious back in its glory days, now the only things that are left there are the solid structures and maybe just a few random items. Niel was in there that day for he was curious about the mysteries of the place which was said to be very real! Niel was skeptical but he is still open-minded, that's why he really wanted to know and experience what those mysteries are for on the side, he is also an enthusiast of the paranormal.

Niel enters the house and it was not legally for currently the place is off-limits. For that he came alone so that he won't get anybody in trouble in case something happened. Niel roamed around the house and he saw that some of the fixtures there are still quite good, it only needs some renovation and a few tweaks and then it'll be good to go. As Niel checked things out in the house things were cool, that's until he realized he seems to be lost! Niel noticed the locked doors which wasn't even so for he just passed there and because of that, it open new halls which then confused him! Escape players, this is not good for not only he is entering without anybody's knowledge, the place could be rickety in some parts and that can really get him in real danger! Escape players, Niel is going to escape from there now, will you join him and see if you can all find the way out?

The Mystery Unlock Specialist 01 is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by 5n Games.

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