The Mysterious Journey Game

The Mysterious Journey

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Before starting your college days, you wanted to have one more adventure. You and your friends had been through so much adventures together. You would most of the time blindly choose a destination and explore it as a group. And most of the time you would lost your way since you didn't search about it before hand. But when you had each other, you felt like you could surpass everything that would come your way. It seemed like every challenge was not something to fear but something to enjoy. However, your high school days would soon be over. And each one of you had different paths to take. You were to stay in your hometown while the rest of them moved to different cities or countries. It made you want to commemorate the adventures you had by going back to the most mysterious journey you took.

You went there alone to relieve the moments you had. But the same path didn't looked the same anymore. Just like your previous journey here, the path once more seemed to change. You were all alone as you didn't inform your friends. So you must work well to get yourself out and successfully show to them the farewell video you made. Play the Mysterious Journey outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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